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A French secular ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate your love and commitment. Originally much appreciated by couples who could not have a religious ceremony (unbeliever,  different religions, remarriage, gay or lesbian union, LGBT…) it has become a way to create a meaningful and personalized wedding ceremony. 

Your ceremony will be created around a scenario including your love story, rituals, readings, exchange of your vows and a musical program in accordance with your beliefs and values. 

If you both have different cultures or religions, we can create a tailor-made spiritual ceremony. In this way, your cultural traditions or religious symbols can be incorporated according to your wishes.

In conclusion, your French secular ceremony will remain one of the most beautiful memories of your wedding, forever engraved in the memory of your family and guests!



The writing of the ceremony happens after a series of 3 to 4 meetings during which you will confide on topics related to your values and spiritual convictions. 


The first meeting is an introduction to discuss how do you project yourselves on your wedding day.

The second session will focus on your wedded life and is likely to become emotional. The objective is to embark on a reflection around your common life projects and to open a discussion on this great chapter. 

The following sessions will be centered on your wedding ceremony content, scenario and logistic.

Your wedding ceremony will then we written and kept secret until your wedding day. It may be shared with an interpreter to translate its content into a second language.

There are several possibilities to overcome the language barrier. We can juggle between English and French during the ceremony. It is also possible to create a ceremony booklet where all the texts will be translated into 2 or 3 languages. Finally, your ceremonial officiant can have an interpreter by her side to translate the ceremony in front of your guests.

Contributing to your happiness is my way of adding a stone to the building...

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A meaningful personalized symbolic secular ceremony


More than 5 months 

before your wedding day

750€ TTC
is in the air

A meaningful personalized symbolic secular ceremony


From 5 to 2 months 

before your wedding day

850€ TTC
at the first sight

A meaningful personalized symbolic secular ceremony


Less than 2 months 

before your wedding day

950€ TTC

A personalized symbolic secular ceremony read by a close friend on your wedding day...

600€ TTC
Translation Coordination

A bilingual secular ceremony for couples who wish to have a bilingual ceremony book or a translator on the D day...

+ 90€ TTC
Decoration set up

Full ceremony coordination including the installation of flowers and other decorations...

+ 90€ TTC

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