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Making Dreams Come True

Creative, passionate, patient and organized, , I am specialized in multicultural and bilingual weddings.


Celebrating your love implies customized themes, surprises and shared moments. Let's color your wedding to your image! 

Laura Barona
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

I will make sure that every detail is up to your standards and expectations.


Having two home countries myself, I am specialized in multicultural themes and long distance project management. Should I mention my passion for food and beverage? 

Co-Founder & Quality Director

Stress Relief and Security Experts

Tying the knot may sometimes feel stressful. Picka and Boo will make sure to comfort you under any circumstances. 


Picka: Knowledge of corporate stress-reducing techniques.


Boo: Knowledge of accurate danger early-detection systems.

Picka & Boo
Security & Stress Managers

A taste of our partners





Your wedding invitations by Zank You

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